The Department of Student Affairs

The Department of student affairs is responsible for being a student support hub and advisor for  NTTU administration board in terms of Student support and community services strategies; Education and propagation management; Student civil affairs committee management; Student Counseling; Student management and Administrative support. In addition, our responsibilities also include the following tasks: Management of students’ cultural activities; Artistic and Physical development; Health care services for students and staff at NTTU; Alumni support, and Students’ Club management.

Development and Achievement

Members of Staff

The Department of Student Affairs’ management board consists of one manager and vice managers. The manager receives directives from NTTU’s management board and then delegates tasks and responsibilities to the vice president and the three corresponding teams. These teams are The student counseling and management team, Student Media and Event coordination team, and the Medical and healthcare emergency response team. Each of these teams will have specialists and staff present at all campuses of NTTU to carry out our duty under the guidance of the mentioned management board.

Quality Assurance

of 2021 – 2022

The Department of Student Affairs always tries to elevate the quality of our educational environment. We also expand our services in learning, developing, and entertaining our students. In addition, We also cooperate with other organizations to host meaningful and informative seminars to help our students in their self-improving process.

Activities of The Departments of Student Affairs

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